Daichi Takagi


Kayokoyuki, Tokyo
14 October - 11 November, 2023


Presented by Kayokoyuki at ECHO, we are delighted to showcase „Inward,” a solo exhibition featuring a new body of work by Daichi Takagi, an artist based in Kanagawa. Takagi’s concern has been a continuous exploration of the interplay between figurative and abstract painting. During his time in the Netherlands, home to many of his most admired artists, Takagi developed a deep appreciation for how abstract paintings seamlessly integrate into daily life. His intricate focus lies in hi candid study of paintings and how they reflect his ongoing personal journey, which he describes to be like climbing a spiral staircase.

Even in the abstract, there is a beginning in the act of seeing. Takagi’s experience in the Netherlands and the history and mentality behind Dutch paintings influenced him to ponder what kind of abstractness and painting could emerge from an Eastern or Japanese perspective, from his own unique viewpoint. As Takagi himself expresses it, this fascination led him to introspectively explore the imagery within himself. 'Inward’ invites visitors to delve into Takagi’s reflective exploration of selfrepresentation. Through recurring motifs such as trees, moons, and stones, Takagi’s works aim to transcend the canvas, serving as a means to break free from the methods and theories he had imposed on himself, and to immerse himself in the simple act of seeing. 'Inward’ seeks to blur the lines between 'seeing’ and 'being seen,’ exploring the intricate relationship between inner and outer worlds.